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A dedicated and experienced team of IFS specialists is
available 24/7 to solve any of your problems.

We work only with the best clinics with high IVF success rates.
Our fertility doctors are specialists with the highest
qualifcation and many years of experience.

Dear Intended Parents!

International Fertility Solutions (IFS) is a full-service egg donor and surrogacy agency, which strives to help couples who are unable to conceive a child in a natural way. We ensure coordination and provide with guidance through the latest reproductive technologies. We offer a full package of services to ensure organization and support of fertility programs, including IVF, ICSI, gamete, embryo, sperm donation, surrogacy, gamete cryopreservation (egg and sperm freezing), embryo freezing, egg donor sharing, traveling egg donors.
IFS helps couples build full families and offers comprehensive and professional fertility solutions. Our team of highly skilled specialists will assist you throughout the program and after its completion. We offer a complimentary consultation to assess your needs and learn more about you. After that, we develop the most optimal solution tailored to your needs and wishes.
During the complimentary consultation, we will cover program details and payment procedure. After it, we will develop the best option with a list of services and prices.
With our highly skilled managers, doctors, attorneys, psychologists, translators, partner IVF clinics, carefully selected surrogates and donors, and thanks to our caring and sensitive attitude, your journey to the birth of your baby will be smooth and successful

IFS Benefits

We care about parents, surrogates and donors

We treat all parties with respect and loyalty, and provide them maximum comfort, safety, care and assistance around the clock, 7 days a week, every step of the way.

We train parents

We train intended parents for a more effective interaction with all program parties, we prepare them for successful completion of all stages, we are advising them on emerging issues.

We ensure effective coordination

IFS managers coordinate all parties through special information systems, communication tools and developed procedures

Psychologist assistance

IFS psychologist provides qualified psychological assistance to intended parents and the other parties at any time.

Legal protection

An IFS attorney is present at all legally relevant procedures in order to protect the interests of intended parents. He drafts the necessary documents, advises on all legal issues and ensures strict compliance with all legal norms and requirements.

User-friendly notifications

We regularly inform intended parents about the progress via their account or communication tools. A parent can sign up in the account at any time and see what is happening, what is the next step and what he has to do at each stage of the program.

Guest service

We provide guest services for intended parents: meeting and seeing off at the airport, transfers, excursions, city tours, planning trips, booking tickets, visiting restaurants, museums, fitness centers, mountain trips, etc.

Nanny for parents

We provide a qualified nanny for parents with children.

Personal translator and driver

We provide a personal driver with a car and a translator

Comfortable accommodation

We offer parents comfortable accommodation in the district with a well-developed infrastructure.

Additional guarantees

We offer parents additional guarantees to ensure high efficiency: unlimited replacements of surrogates and egg donors; unlimited IVF, surrogate insurance; multi-stage checks of physical, emotional health, lifestyle, as well as criminal record of surrogates and donors before joining the programs.

Program safety

IFS ensures the safety of each program by checking a surrogate, a donor and their spouses for criminal conviction history and blacklisting. We also check living conditions and the lifestyle of surrogates and donors. IFS workers make home visits, and review their cases before they join the program. We verify all provided information for accuracy through special means. Surrogates and donors are undergoing technical monitoring throughout the program. Each surrogate and donor undergoes several psychological multiple-stage interviews so that we could evaluate their emotional balance and understand whether they comply with the requirements.

Full range of services

IFS provides a full range of services and commits to tackling all issues until the baby is born. Parents do not need to do anything. All they need to do is to contact us and to become members of the program.

Everything is very convenient

We don’t unnecessarily disturb intended parents, and save their energy, nerves and, most importantly, time. Parents participate only in the procedures, which require their physical presence. In all other cases, these are IFS employees who act on behalf of intended parents and by virtue of the contract and the power of attorney.
Parents can lead their usual way of life, and combine a trip with a pleasant holiday in Kazakhstan.

Everything is transparent

There are no hidden fees: we work with the greatest transparency; all payments are displayed in the parent’s personal account. We also provide payment documents.

Full confidentiality

IFS ensures full confidentiality of intended parents. Each employee of our agency signs a special agreement, which envisages all measures for maintaining confidentiality.

Top clinics

We cooperate only with the best clinics of Kazakhstan — the rate of successful protocols is more than 42% (above 70% when using fresh donor eggs)

Low fees

IFS offers low-cost programs: our prices are 2-3 times lower compared with similar programs in the USA, Canada, Australia etc. We also significantly save your money by optimizing accommodation costs, as well as other program costs.

Extensive surrogate and donor database

IFS has a large database of donors and surrogates, that’s why you can find the best match at the touch of a button.

Flexible programs

IFS has developed the most flexible programs designed for intended parents with different income levels and needs. You can easily choose the suite of the services you want.

High Responsiveness

We plan participation of the intended parents in advance, at least two weeks before their first arrival.
All program stages are broken down into hours and days. We appoint responsible staff from our agency in advance, who prepare everything to ensure that the intended parents will successfully complete all program stages. All business processes are built and optimized in such a way so that intended parents could go through the whole process with high efficiency and within a short period before the baby is due.

Help and support

Around-the-clock assistance of the supervisor will give you greater peace of mind. He will answer all questions in person or by phone and solve any emerging issues.

Our Distinctions

1. We really care about parents: we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We perform small tasks for free, we advise you for free, we show you around the city for free (within the bounds of reason), we fulfill small requests from parents and their wishes for free, we assign a manager for each family, we assist parents after the program, and we are infinitely patient and welcoming.

2. We offer surrogacy programs, which take place in the shortest possible time: 2 months and 10 days
(the period of pregnancy is not included).

3. Minimal involvement of parents in the process: our team will handle everything.

4. We save financial resources of parents: we optimize the costs of accommodation, surrogacy, donation, medical services, medications, etc. (while maintaining the highest level of services).

5. We have developed an unprecedented system for the selection and verification of surrogates and donors. Each woman passes 10 levels of verification before becoming a donor or surrogate. This selection method enables to choose the best match.

6. We care about surrogates who will deliver you a healthy baby: we provide comfortable transport, accommodation, tasty and healthy food, high-quality medical services, we organize leisure activities,
we teach about healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, we prepare surrogates for delivery.

7. Our surrogates live in the apartments provided by the agency from the first day of pregnancy (9 months). This allows the IFS supervisors to monitor their compliance with all prescriptions and recommendations of doctors, and the requirements of intended parents from the very beginning and throughout the program. This significantly increases the chances for positive outcomes and allows to avoid many risks.

8. We created a special surrogate school to keep surrogates informed about all program stages, and to prepare them both physically and emotionally for all the procedures that await them.

9. We established a doula service for surrogates to train them how to feel comfortable and confident during pregnancy and labor.

10. We help parents obtain legal parentage in the country of residence through our partners abroad.

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