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“Escort” Package

This package is specifically designed for intended parents who have their own surrogate and they need everything else: IVF, pregnancy care, delivery, professional organization, coordination of the full program, including supervision of the surrogate, donor and all other parties.

Ideal for intended parents:

• who have their surrogate
• who want high quality IVF services, pregnancy follow-up and arrangement of delivery process
• who don’t want to be engaged in the coordination of all program stages
• who don’t want to be engaged in the surrogate supervision
• who don’t want to make mistakes in the arrangement of this complicated and important process
• who value professionalism and quality
• who value comfort
• who do not want to waste their time and energy

How it happens:

• Intended parents agree all program details remotely via Skype
• Intended parents arrive in Almaty with their surrogate (or the surrogate is already in Almaty) and visit an IVF clinic
• We settle all legal formalities
• Intended parents are examined in our partner clinic
• If they don’t need an egg / sperm donor, the husband gives the sperm, and his spouse undergoes ovarian stimulation. An egg / sperm donor is provided for an additional fee.
• The IVF + ICSI is performed using the biomaterial of intended parents or the donor material.
• After receiving the embryos, we assess their quality and the surrogate takes medications for embryo transfer
• We perform an embryo transfer
• We perform a pregnancy test and after the pregnancy is confirmed, we begin prenatal care and then delivery takes place
• Parents arrive to take the baby, we process all paperwork
• Parents fly home with the baby

Package terms:

• For heterosexual couples only
• The surrogate from intended parents must be approved by IFS and the IFS partner clinic. She also must comply with the requirements of the Kazakhstan surrogacy law.
• Payment is made in cash. In the case of non-cash payment, you need to pay additional 150 € + 3% of the total sum for each transfer.
• You get an additional 3% discount if you pay the full amount at once

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