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How We Work

When applying to IFS, intended parents ask about the stages and the duration of certain programs.
Each program is individual and usually involves several stages. It can be broken down in the following way:

Introduction: You get informed about the company, the services and the programs that we offer.

Registration of legal relations with the agency: billing, signing contracts.

Candidate selection: in surrogate/donor databases.

Choosing a surrogate candidate: between two proposed candidates. Clients meet one of them.

Medical examination / sampling: tests and examination of intended parents, the surrogate and the egg/sperm donor.

Formalization of legal relations of intended parents and the surrogate and / or the donor and with a medical institution that will perform IVF.

Medical protocol in IVF program: cycle synchronization, embryo culture, embryo transfer

Pregnancy care: follow-up of the surrogate pregnancy

Childbirth: Birth arrangement and care

Registration of documents for the baby: birth certificate, passport of the baby, etc.

How we work with surrogacy programs

International surrogacy and donation programs are the most complicated programs in terms of organization. Here is a detailed pattern of our work:

Consultations and correspondence (3-7 days)
Complimentary consultation in our office in Almaty or via Skype allows to get all necessary information to decide whether to join the surrogacy program (with or without donation). We will discuss all aspects of the program in detail, including the cost, the criteria and the procedure for selecting a surrogate and a donor. We well also cover medical examinations, legal regulation, specificities in the legal system, agency services, and all program stages in general. You will be given answers to all your questions. Usually the consultation lasts at least 1 hour or longer.

Agreement of terms and conditions and the beginning of work (5-7 days)
After you make a decision, we will send you an agreement, complying with the laws of Kazakhstan, and an invoice. We begin to cooperate after the signing of the contract and payment for our services.

Surrogate selection (1-2 weeks)
IFS agency adds women in the surrogacy database only after a thorough screening, which includes medical examination, psychological testing and studying the lifestyle of a future surrogate. Such tests allow to learn more about their health status, medical history of previous pregnancies and childbirth, living conditions, criminal record, hobbies and interests. Prospective surrogates are ranked using a points based system. We select 2 candidates, which are the best for you, and then arrange a meeting with one of them, so that you could make the final choice.

Egg/sperm donor selection (1week)
Apart from medical and psychological examination, we evaluate genetic medical history and the absence of negative phenotypes of the donor. Our donors meet all the necessary criteria, including the ethnic group and the traits similar to that of the intended parents. Our database includes attractive donors of fashion model type. The donor is usually selected simultaneously with the surrogate.

Medical examination of the intended parents (2-3 days)
Intended parents also undergo the necessary medical screening to evaluate their genetic material. They also work with the psychologist to get ready for the program.

Conclusion of contracts (1-2 days)
The next step is the conclusion of contracts: a contract of the intended parents with IFS, the surrogate, the donor, and a contract of the intended parents with a medical institution where IVF takes place. Contracts are drawn up in Russian and English.

Medical protocol (40-50 days)
Experienced fertility specialist synchronizes the cycles of the surrogate and the biological mother / egg donor. Embryo transfer usually occurs 4-8 weeks after the surrogate and the biological mother / egg donor begin taking medications. The number of IVF attempts usually reaches one to three.

Pregnancy of SM: supervision and support (32-34 weeks)
Once the pregnancy is confirmed, the surrogate gets registered at an antenatal clinic. She also regularly visits the obstetrician-gynecologist at our partner clinic and gets the necessary psychological help throughout the program.

Birth of the child and legal process (up to 60 days)
IFS employees arrange and accompany labor process.
After the birth, we process, translate and legalize all documents. After all these procedures, happy parents leave home with the baby.

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