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IVF + donor egg


IVF outcome depends on the problems experienced by the couple as well as its age. Women of young age have healthy eggs, that’s why the percentage of successful IVF is higher in their case. Oocyte donation is needed for a number of reasons. Infertile couples can apply for donation when a woman produces eggs of low quality, which can’t fertilize into a healthy pregnancy.

Donor eggs in IFS

The IVF procedure, which is carried out with the use of donor oocytes, consists in placing an embryo in the uterus of the female recipient, obtained from the preliminary insemination of the donor egg with the sperm of husband, partner or donor.

Indications for IVF with a donor egg

1. Lack of own eggs, conditioned:
— natural menopause (usually after 45 years) or premature ovarian failure,
— ovarian insensitivity to stimulation (resistant ovary syndrome) or contraindications to their stimulation,
— developmental anomalies in the form of gonadal dysgenesis (sex chromosome disorders), Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome (sexual infantilism with abnormal physical development), etc.
— ovary removal surgery (ovariectomy),
— chemotherapeutic or radiological treatment

2. Functional inferiority of eggs: the possibility of passing on genetic diseases, for example, Down’s disease, ichthyosis, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, certain types of myopathy, etc.

3. Unsuccessful in the past, repeated attempts to carry out IVF with his own egg.

Failure to achieve pregnancy after IVF can be associated with an insufficient response of the ovaries to the superovulation induction, including high doses of follicle-stimulating hormone, or low quality embryos.

IFS has its own oocyte and sperm donor base. We provide our clients with personal and medical information and candidate photos. All potential donors are tested during each IVF cycle. Their analyzes are done in the same clinic as IVF, and are always kept up to date. We do not accept test results from regional or state hospitals; we trust only our partner clinics. IFS makes every effort to increase the chances of IVF success. We are also responsible for verification of donor identity and do not allow unprofessional behavior.

IFS carefully selects donors for future parents. All candidates are healthy and do not have bad habits.


— age from 18 to 35 years,
— at least one own child,
— absence of genetic diseases
— regular menstrual cycle,
— absence of reproductive disorders
— physical and emotional health,
— absence of bad habits.

The average cost of IVF with a donor egg is 9310-9800 US dollars. This amount includes costs for infertility treatment, selection of an egg donor, donor compensation, agency fees, reimbursement of costs for the settlement of legal formalities, payment of travel and other expenses.


Donation in Kazakhstan is anonymous, and IVF clinics do not have the right to show photos of donors and do not go beyond the description of the phenotypic data. IFS has the right to provide donor photos, so if you want to know what your newborn will look like, you should better rely on our donor base in Kazakhstan.