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Other services

Surrogates with departure to any clinic

The program includes the following:
⎯ Providing the surrogate mother candidate
⎯ Psychological diagnostics of the potential surrogate mother in order to check her psychological suitability and readiness to participate in the program of surrogate motherhood
⎯ Complex medical examination of the potential surrogate mother for confirmation of suitability for in vitro fertilization, carrying of the pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy child;
⎯ Checking of the surrogate mother for the unhealthy habits (alcohol, tobacco smoking, drugs);
⎯ Primary legal consultation;
⎯ Recommendations on the choice of reproductive medicine clinic and surrogate mother’s departure for embryo transfer to the IVF clinic chosen by You;

Medical costs require extra payment;
Transportation costs, food and lodging of the surrogate mother are paid additionally in the foreign country or city

Transportation of Cryogenically Frozen Embryos

To carry out the surrogate motherhood program, egg donation, pre-implantation genetic examination, we transport your cryopreserved embryos / sperm / eggs to Kazakhstan, to the clinic with which IFS cooperates.

Your cryopreserved embryos provide a lot of additional opportunities, namely the possibility of conducting a surrogacy program in Kazakhstan if it is prohibited in your country.
You will only need to come during the delivery process of your surrogate mother.

If you transport sperm for the eggs donation program, you save your husband’s time and money on flight tickets and accommodation in Kazakhstan.

The cost of services includes the services of a customs broker, a logistics specialist of our agency, customs duties, payment of courier services.
Depending on the region from which the cryopreserved material is transported, the cost may vary.

Please contact us to know our program costs