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Our Services

After contacting IFS, you will be offered a wide range of services.
We offer services in packages (there are several packages) and separately.

IFS agency provides the following services:

Consulting services:

  • Consulting on organizational issues
  • Medical consultations
  • Legal advice
  • Psychological counselling
  • Selection of a clinic in Kazakhstan
  • Organization and support of IVF programs in Kazakhstan

Surrogacy services:

  • Surrogate search
  • Medical and psychological assessment of the surrogate
  • Multi-stage checks of the surrogate
  • Surrogate selection
  • Training of the surrogate for the program

Donor services:

  • Donor search
  • Medical and psychological assessment of the donor
  • Multi-stage checks of the donor
  • Donor selection
  • Training of the donor for the program

Coordination of medical program:

  • Support and assistance of parents in all medical procedures
  • Support and assistance of the surrogate in all medical procedures
  • Support and assistance of the donor in all medical procedures

Legal services:

  • Development and conclusion of contracts
  • Development and signing information and legal documents
  • Obtaining necessary medical, registration and other documents
  • Translation, notarization and legalization of documents
  • Legal assistance during the meetings of parents with the other parties
  • Advice on the transfer of legal parentage
  • Legal assistance in consulates, migration service, etc.

Other services:

  • Visa support
  • Reservation and purchase of tickets
  • Meeting at the airport, railway (bus) station
  • Personal driving services or car rental
  • Accommodation in a hotel or an apartment
  • Interpreter, guide, nanny, cook, personal doctor services
  • Insurance (life, health, accident)
  • Leisure activities: excursions, restaurants, beauty salons, fitness clubs, etc.

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