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Our Team

Only a big professional team can ensure efficient organization and coordination of fertility programs. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience:

Highly qualified doctors and fertility specialists

Our team consists of doctors with many years of experience, stars of fertility medicine, who have academic degrees, scientific works, and many years of practice in fertility medicine. Hundreds of successful pregnancy and childbirth protocols serve as a proof of their qualifications.
Many families experienced parenthood happiness thanks to our doctors.

Professional attorneys

The law strictly regulates the use of reproductive technologies. Moreover, fertility programs involve a large number of parties with their own interests, rights and obligations. Also, participation in surrogacy and donor programs is not without certain risks.
IFS attorneys will ensure strict compliance with all legal norms in reproduction, taking into account the interests, rights and obligations of each party. They will take measures to avoid or minimize risks or create legal solutions that will contribute to successful competition of all program stages.


Not all psychologists can give advice and professional consultation on such a sensitive matter as surrogacy. Our specialists supervise surrogate pregnancies, helping surrogates and intended parents to cope with doubts and fears. Parents can advise our psychologist at any stage of cooperation.
Our psychologists advise surrogates at least 4-5 times a month. We are always ready to provide professional help and to find solutions even in the most difficult situations.
Teamwork of all IFS specialists is aimed not only at achieving a positive result, but also at providing psychological comfort of the surrogate and the intended parents.


Interaction and full mutual understanding are indispensable for achieving a guaranteed positive outcome. We are responsible for the coordination of all these processes. Each surrogate is assigned a manager who monitors whether all requirements and recommendations of the agency are timely met. He also ensures compliance with all contractual obligations.