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Potential surrogate mother

The inability of having a baby is the greatest pain for married couple loving each other. Surrogate mothers are their last hope.

Becoming a surrogate mother is a generous act. You will help a family to experience the joy of parenthood! You will also help the new man to come into the world and make the desperate women feel the greatest happiness. Surrogacy gives them a unique chance to overcome infertility.

Before making such a serious decision, think carefully and approach this matter with maximum responsibility, because the life and health of the child, as well as the happiness of his parents will depend on you. If you are sure about your decision, we recommend you to read the information below.

Requirements for surrogate mothers:
— age from 20 to 34 years,
— at least one healthy own child
— absence of cesarean uterine scars, absence of ectopic pregnancy
— strong emotional and physical health,
— the last childbirth dated at least 12 months ago,
— absence of bad habits (smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction),
— positive Rh factor
— positive attitude to cooperation

Terms of cooperation:
— compensation is at least 9000-16000 Euro (negotiated individually),
— additional payment for cesarean section
— additional payment for twins
— monthly payments for food,
— payment for pregnancy clothing
— medical examination – at the expense of parents.

We invite to cooperation women who meet the above requirements and are willing to help infertile couples, as well as to improve their financial situation.

If you are determined to become a surrogate mother, you need to:
— pass necessary medical examination in local medical institutions and get results of analyzes,
— receive a notarized letter of consent from your spouse for participation in the surrogacy program, if you are in an officially registered marriage,
— inform the employee of our agency that you wish to participate in the surrogacy program, and make an appointment for a consultation,
— to come for consultation at the appointed time.

List of tests and analyzes required for participation in the surrogacy program:

1. Annual:
— Fluorogram,
— electrocardiogram,
— cytological examination of cervical scrape,
— therapist’s medical report.

2. Performed every six months: analysis of the sample from the cervical canal for chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, gonorrhea, HSV, CMV.

3. Performed every three months: a blood test for RW, HIV, HBsAg, hepatitis C.

4. Performed once a month:
— clinical blood test,
— coagulogram,
— blood chemistry test,
— analysis of urine,
— vaginal swab.

5. Performed once:
— consultation of a psychiatrist,
— determination of blood type and Rh factor,
— cytogenetic screening.

6. Performed once on the doctor’s prescription:
— gynecological examination,
— pelvic ultrasound,
— detection of antibodies to toxoplasma, herpes virus, rubella and cytomegalovirus.

We also attach great importance to the psychological evaluation of the surrogate mother. She should be calm, be emotionally stable and mature and without pathological findings. It is required in order to smooth the pregnancy and the overall process.