The most complicated programs in terms of organization are the surrogacy and donation programs with foreign citizens. Therefore, as a demonstrative example, we offer an extensive scheme of our work according to the following program:

Consultation and correspondence (1 week)

The primary consultation, which is conducted in our office in Almaty or on Skype, will give you the opportunity to get all the necessary information for deciding whether to enter the program of surrogate motherhood (with or without donation). We will discuss all aspects of the program in detail, including the cost, criteria and the procedure for choosing a surrogate mother and donor, medical procedures, legal regulation, peculiarities of legislation, agency services, and all the stages of the program in general. You will be given answers to all your questions. Usually the consultation takes at least 1 hour or longer.

Agreement of terms and conditions and the beginning of work (1-2 weeks)

As soon as You make a decision, for Your approval we send the example of the agency agreement, which corresponds to the legislation of Kazakhstan, as well as the invoice. Our cooperation begins from the moment of its signing and payment for our services on selection SM and (or) the donor.

Choosing a surrogate mother (2-3 weeks)

The IFS agency includes women to its base of surrogate mothers only after careful screening, which consists of a medical examination and a psychological test. In the course of them the following aspects are being found out: health condition, the medical history of previous pregnancies and childbirths, living conditions, and the absence of problems with the law. Potential surrogate mothers are assessed according to a points system. We select 3 most suitable candidates for You, and then we will arrange a meeting with 2 of them so that you make the final choice.

Selection of a donor of eggs (1 week)

In addition to medical and psychological examination, the donor is evaluated from the point of view of the past genetic medical history and the absence of signs of a negative phenotype. Our donors meet all the necessary criteria, including the ethnic group and the similarity to the potential parents. In our database there are very attractive donors having a model appearance. The selection of a donor of oocytes is usually performed simultaneously with the selection of a surrogate mother.

Medical examination of Potential parents (2-3 days)

Potential Parents also undergo the necessary medical screening to assess the state of their genetic material. In addition, they communicate with the psychologist to determine to what extent they are ready for the program. Картинка

Conclusion of contracts (1-2 days)

The next stage is the conclusion of contracts: the contract between the PP and the SM, as well as the contract of the PP with the medical institution, where the IVF program will be realized. In the contracts the rights, obligations and responsibilities of each party are stipulated. They also contain all the essential conditions of the program, the role of all its participants. The contracts are drawn up in accordance with the legislation of Kazakhstan in Russian (for the citizens of Kazakhstan), or in two languages (one of them is the language of international communication), taking into account the specifics of the legislation of the country of residence of potential parents who are foreign citizens

Medical protocol (40-50 days)

Experienced fertility specialists synchronize the cycles of the SM and the biological mother / donor of the ovum. An embryo transfer usually occurs 4-8 weeks after the SM and the biological mother / donor of the ovum begin taking medicine. The number of IVF attempts usually reaches two to three. Картинка

Pregnancy of SM: supervisory control and support (32-34 weeks)

After the confirmation of pregnancy, SM is registered in the maternity hospital, and she regularly attends the obstetrician-gynecologist in our clinic. She also receives the necessary psychological help throughout the program.
Preparing the package of documents for registration of parental rights and for legalization of a child (35-55 days)

Documents for confirming parental rights are drawn up and collected throughout the program. However, 1-2 months before the childbirth, there begins legal preparation for the registration of a child in Kazakhstan and his or her subsequent departure to the country of potential parents’ residence (if they are foreign citizens). Specifically for each individual situation, the operation order is developed and the procedure for the registration of documents and communication with the employees of the diplomatic and registration agencies, etc., is determined. Картинка

Birth of a child and its legalization (30-50 days)

Organization of presence of PP during the birth. Registration of documents for a child and their state registration. After completing the legalization of the child, happy parents go home together with it.

Partner support for legal procedures in the country of residence. Confirmation of parental rights, registration of a child’s nationality (individually)

We will be able to help with the preparation of all the necessary documents to confirm the registration and nationality of the child in the country of residence of its parents. We will also be able to provide the contacts of a competent lawyer (from a partner company) who can help to confirm the parental rights and to carry out the other procedures for the nationalization of a new citizen.