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“VIP” Package

This package, as well as the “Guarantee” package, offers certainty that you will have a baby. It will also allow to go through all program stages with in the best way. In addition, the “VIP” package covers almost all medical risks that may emerge during the program, and comes with all basic and extra services.
“VIP” package is our most expensive and best package for the most demanding and the very important persons.

Ideal for intended parents:

• who want to have a baby despite any difficulties or issues: we continue the program until the baby is born
• who want to be protected from all additional financial risks
• who want to be protected from potential medical risks
• who want high-quality IVF services, pregnancy follow-up and arrangement of delivery process
• who don’t want to be engaged in the coordination of all program stages
• who don’t want to be engaged in the surrogate supervision
• who don’t want to make mistakes in the arrangement of this complicated and important process
• who value professionalism and quality
• who value comfort
• who do not want to waste their time and energy

How it happens:

• Intended parents agree all program details remotely via Skype
• Intended parents arrive in Almaty
• We settle all legal formalities
• Intended parents are examined in our partner clinic
• If an egg / sperm donor is not needed, the husband gives the sperm, and his spouse undergoes ovarian stimulation. An egg / sperm donor is provided for an additional fee.
• The IVF + ICSI is performed using the biomaterial of intended parents or the donor material.
• After receiving the embryos, we assess their quality and the surrogate takes medications for embryo transfer
• We perform the embryo transfer
• We perform a pregnancy test and after the pregnancy is confirmed, we begin prenatal care and then delivery takes place.
• Parents arrive to take the baby, we process all paperwork
• Parents fly home with the baby

Package terms:

• For heterosexual couples only
• Payment is made in cash. In the case of non-cash payment, you need to pay additional 150 € + 3% of the total sum for each transfer.
• You get an additional 5% discount if you pay the full amount at once

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