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Why Kazakhstan?

Many countries prohibit or restrict surrogacy, egg, sperm donation and IVF services. Kazakhstan is one of the few countries with the most advanced and most loyal legislation in reproductive technologies. All reproductive technologies here are legal for both local citizens and foreigners since 1998. Kazakhstan has accumulated a wealth of experience, and the best IVF clinics with the most advanced equipment and high-class specialists have been opened here.

The reasons why you should consider Kazakhstan:
1. The most loyal legislation in reproductive technology
2. One of the best IVF clinics
3. Fertility specialists of the highest qualification: the rate of successful protocols is above 42%
(above 70% when using fresh donor eggs).
4. Cutting-edge medical equipment
5. Optimal prices for medical services
6. Low surrogate/donor fees
7. An extensive database of European and Asian surrogates and donors
8. Best prices for surrogacy and donation programs
9. Convenient location
10. Highest level of hospitality and security
11. Developed modern infrastructure
12. You can combine the program and leisure activities (mountains, lakes, museums, excursions, restaurants, etc.)
13. Kazakhstan has a visa-free regime with many countries
14. The most solicitous fertility agency IFS is situated here?.